Brokeback Tie-Ins?

From the beginning Brokeback gained art house cult momentum from its Golden Lion at Venice to its opening in far less theaters than King Kong, but holding its own enough to surpass the Kong box office based on its exhibition availabilities. Now the film has moved into popular culture with auctions, music and advertising--that are not your usual 'tie-ins'.

This is an amazing phenomena to witness. I disagree that it has 'perked up' heterosexual interet in gay relationships. It reveals the extent of a covert homosexual culture forced underground for the prejudices and hate crimes depicted in 1960's middle America but are rampant everywhere today.
Pop Cult Brokeback
"Brokeback" shirts go for more than $100k
The eBay auction of the two shirts worn by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall in "Brokeback Mountain" closed Sunday afternoon. The winning bid? $101,100.51!

The shirts were won by Tom Gregory, who placed the winning bid about 10 minutes before the auction closed. Gregory told PlanetOut he was thrilled that he won the auction, but explained his euphoria on a broader level. "The shirts represent such a significant moment in the history of film," Gregory said. "And when you see the shirts together in the closet in the film, it's an extraordinary moment for gay people. You just . . . sigh."

Brokeback auction


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