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Review of Sunset Blvd by Monica Sullivan

Monty Python's Eric Idle interviewed by Monica Sullivan  Here is a great review of Sunset Boulevard that is so well written full of details you may not know. Written by my sister Monica Sullivan who founded Movie Magazine International San Francisco and Shoestring Radio Theatre. Monica died July 21, 2023 in San Francisco and was a maverick in community radio and a prolific film critic.  "Shoestring Radio Theatre" and "Movie Magazine International" first aired on KALX in Berkeley from 1988 - 1991. The show moved to KUSF, San Francisco in October 1991 where they aired through January 2011 when the station closed down. The programs debuted on the  Public Radio Satellite Network   (which reaches hundreds of public radio stations across the country) in July, 1993. Over time, distribution of the programs has grown to a confirmed line-up of  111 stations in North America. It can be heard  on KXFM 102.5 San Francisco Community Radio.

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