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Men like Weinstein are afraid of women

Bring charges against sexual predators: Allen, Polanski, Trump and Weinstein.

Rape and sexual harassment for decades. Weinstein is outed.

Ovarian Psycos, directed by Joanna Sokolowski et Kate Trumbull-LaValle (USA| 2016) at Films de Femmes in Créteil on March 18.

Grand Jury Prize at Festival International de Films de Femmes in Créteil

Public Prize for best feature film (PRIX DU PUBLIC MEILLEUR LONG MÉTRAGE FICTION) at Créteil Films de Femmes

Dorothy Arzner’s films find reception in France

CinéFemme Features: Experimental Films by Moira Sullivan

Three films directed by women nominated for 2017 Academy Awards

Lies We Tell Review: "The only men who get caught are those who don’t love their wives enough"