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Racial discrimination in election process rampant in 2016 election

Since Obama won in 2012 the conservative backlash against POC who are traditionally Democratic voters succeeded in changing voting rights established in 1965 in the courts. It allowed conservative states to peel back voter rights made law over 50 years ago.This is not a well known fact and maybe it doesn't matter to CNN America that racial discrimination was rampant in this election. POC voters who supported Hillary Clinton as they had Obama were blocked from voting. Polls closed - 400 in Texas- 60% of the counties in Louisiana and in Arizona all counties closed one. This was done to specifically target young people and minorities. The Voting Acts Right of 1965 prevented states and counties primarily in the south to seek approval before making changes to their polling locations. The Supreme Court eradicated the coverage formula to prevent certain jurisdictions from "egregious voting discrimination" in 2013. The George W Bush appointed Chief Justice John Roberts Jr proclaimed it was because "current conditions" did not warrant it. In North Carolina, 66,000 black voters were affected by changes in voting locations. It is clear that "conditions" still warrant the full protection of the law and will always warrant it in to prevent racist voting practices that are rampant in parts of the US.

New York Times: Voters Abandoned by the Court November 8, 2016

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