"Libera Nos" by Federica Di Giacomo --Best Orizzonti Film - La Biennale di Venezia

"Libera Nos" by Federica Di Giacomo BEST ORIZZONTI FILM 2016

In Rome there is a special course for priests who conduct exorcisms, part of the extraordinary documentary at the Venice Film Festival - "Libera Nos" by Federica Di Giacomo, shown in the Orizzonti section. The course is held at an educational institute - "Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum" in "Auditorium Giovanni Paulo II".

Without any voiceover, Federica filmed a dozen Italians who were possessed and cleansed by priests Padre Cataldo and Padre Carmine in a non-invasive and innovative documentary style that is not for a second anything but authentic.. She teaches documentary film in various schools and graduated in anthropology from the University of Florence.

Women were behind the script - Di Giacomo and Andrea Sanguigni, photography Greta De Lazzaris and Carlo Sisalli, and editing Aline Hervé and Edoardo Morabito'

True Colors Glorious Film - World Sales

Sicilia Film Commission

MIR Cinematografica - Operà Films 2016.



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