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Women's March in Hot Pink San Francisco

A rainy turnout for the women's march in San Francisco and the rotunda is all hot pink in commemoration. Arrived in time to hear Joan Baez - not seen but heard. Very crowded at march estimated at 35-50 thousand that moved at a snail's pace since police cars blocked the route part of the way. But it was definitely worth it! Nice crowd. Favorite chant Hey hey hey ho ho ho Donald Trump has got to go.

#Why I March

#WhyIMarch To be a part of the real world with women worldwide who support change, issues that matter. To defy hypocrisy and affirm life.

As the women's march progresses in Washington.....

Take a break from corporate media. As the women's march progresses in Washington corporate reporters do anything they can to disarm the aims of protestors. The labeling of this movement as the work of "progressives", or " the left " is intentional. To equate the thoughts of protests with block political alliances is invalidation- that is what it is meant to do. It's easier to attack a block of voters than the values that are being expressed. The ridiculous and lame 'sore loser' attack is another disarming tactic. This is not about a protest of voters whose candidate did not win. Those who refuse to hear and recognize the overwhelming protests over the values this administration raises use this argument freely. This includes DT'S constant updates to what was said, or flat denial what was said, which is the hallmark of a slippery businessman. It is designed to confuse and destabilize - to win back support because of uncensored statements what have consequences. Those who say this administration is good for business must also realize that federal defunding of Planned Parenthood, Environmental Protection and National Health Care makes it possible to pave the way for private business tax rebates, and lack of business regulation. DT is the result of this lack of regulation- a rogue businessman who has NO controls and who is moving through his office like a wind machine shouting and disrespecting anyone in his wake that questions him. This is what an unregulated businessman looks like. Such apathy to people by DT supporters has consequences. Some supporters don't even want to reveal they voted for him because they know the consequences of their vote and must admit their selfishness. What is the point of raising skepticism that this march will do nothing because when it's over everyone will just stop their activism. Or asking women about the group of feminists against abortion as a legitimate concern. The media has sickened everyone during this entire campaign and weakens people. Refrain from watching it. Choose your media carefully and request digests from those sources.