Anna Karina in Pierre le Fou


Women's March takes charge of the dinosaur in the White House.

Today don't read what corporate media has to say about the march. Clearly anyone at the march knows what happened. Not those who mediated it from afar and did not participate. We know what happened and the intersectionality of men and women, POC and white, immigrants and nationals, gay and straight and BTQI. Anyone on the march felt the immense interconnection and a clear understanding of a sexual predator that has bullied his way into the White House with money lining the pockets of the old school, and a dwindling support group of duped voters. A new generation of millennials are on to DT!

Trump tweets, cowardly, that "all the celebrities hurt the march". What he is saying is that he is afraid of outspoken women who are trailblazers, and the march in general. Women like Cher who marched for peace in the 60's, Madonna who has always been up front about her politics against sexual predators and as anti-war activist, Alicia Keyes, a biracial civil rights activist, Gloria Steinem, awesome founding feminist and smart truthsayer. America Ferrera and Janelle Monáe whose outstanding work in streaming and television speaks to a diversified audience. Trump is a loner, who tries to buy women or commodify them as he has done with his wife and is inappropriately doing with his daughter. The message of the march is that women bite back and bite back in a way that addresses his castration complex. Many images of fallopian tubes, and toothed vaginas were up at the march held by women. And women and men, white and POC, straight and LBGTQI, marched side by side. DTs old patriarchal values are being challenged and the old men with him with beliefs held before the Cold War. Creepy McCarthy type men scared of women and of life. Putin has DT under his thump and has something on him from his days in Russia as a businessman and his paid sexual services from women. Trump will try to extort the wealth of this country with his henchmen as Putin did. After yesterday, this is not possible. He is on alert, and scared.

As expected, Trump also tweets, that protest is an American tradition. It is what he doesn't say that will eventually be heard. He is on notice by a march that eclipsed his inauguration.

Yesterday . there was no division in a national and global effort to unite humanity . In the cities where people marched it was impossible to see corporate induced schisms. The manifestation was intersectional which is missing in media coverage. There was unconditional hope that we the people lives and is a greater force than a demagogue. There was A sense of real and righteous power. No doomsday clouds but a leadership accountability mandate. You had to be there to feel this. It wasn't possible to mediate it.