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Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to get even with ex girlfriend

Mark and dating women 
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook went beyond dating services to hospital donations in San Francisco. Obama met with Zuckerberg in 2008 in a job investment plan that has brought about the tech revolution, gentrification, exodus of POC, exodus of queer women, low income , rent controlled renters. How can such a geek do so much to the world to create faux human connection?

David Finch's "The Social Network" reveals what a socially awkward and immature jerk Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was, how FB started out to ridicule his ex girlfriend (who fortunately ditched him for good), and then became a dating service for upper class heterosexual co-eds at Ivy League US colleges. Now FB is still pretty much used the same way to announce who is single and who is into dating women and men. Any other ambition was never the plan, but of course how well we use it to network beyond that is up to us. Consider yourself served!

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