American Horror Story: Election Diary November 8, 2016

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump

Reaction to the election

November 8, 2016  The day begins great!

Donald Trump Gets Booed as He Arrives at His Polling Place

Before the polls open:
Wishful thinking --even Hillary knew the race was fragile.

Je suis confiant que Hillary Clinton va gagner l'élection aux Etats-Unis, le seul candidat possible avec 16 ans d'expérience à la Maison Blanche

We need an education in media literacy! 

Realize that only 20% of Americans targeted for 10th grade educations or less is NOT a mandate vote. When the incumbent demeans immigrants, women, religion, minorities because "the Democrats just want to give away money to people who don't work" they have not understood that corporate (white) power want Republicans in power getting corporate welfare. I have thought about this all day. To compare the incumbent to anyone other than a corporate politician on corporate welfare (no taxes) who went after a select group in the south and rust belt -- the people he claims he "got to know" during the campaign is to make him bigger than what he is . I predict those Republicans who distanced themselves from him will vote along with Democrats and defeat every bigoted idea that has come out of his demented brain. Don't give up the fight!

The incumbent received  $3 billion (or more) in free advertising. Who didn't see that. Of course we saw that. The running banner under Hillary's coverage about Trump. Every day in the news about Trump. That is how fascists are elected. He is referred to as a Nationalist.  Corporate media promoted a  leader that made money for them.

Is every person who voted for Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe all rolled into one? There is no other way to look at it than asking this question. Bigotry has been masked and disguised in other elections. In this one it is clear. 20% to 30% (generous) of the voters represent white male supremacy the folks that "made America great" in events such as the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the eradication and massacre of Native Americans. The equivalents can be found in fascism around the world in all the "Great Wars". You cannot escape the truth this time. You cannot be in so much pain that you perpetuate all the atrocities of the past. The bigot is the real monster. It is the real American Horror Story.

Trump elected by ca 20% -30% of voters. 40% voted in 2012 Everything Trump does has to have a senatorial and congressional vote. There must be resistance to his ideas, not defeatism. Otherwise those ideas ( as noted in the election) will flourish.

"Wall Street could see its biggest ever fall when trading opens on Wednesday with futures pointing to a 800-point drop – more than 5%. "
Oh crap - who cares?

It really can happen here: The novel that foreshadowed Donald Trump’s authoritarian appeal 

IT CAN?  Has one bigot that much real  power! .

"Hillary concedes to Donald". 
Four dismal words for an American electorate flying blind. Sad to see such ignorance in the US. A real sad day for the country. The dumbing down of America with the ignorant chanting "USA USA USA" . 
"Bye bye American pie drove our Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry."
The American people have HARDLY spoken and A MINORITY HAS elected a leader with such a flawed myopic vision that is so horribly unqualified to serve THE USA. Those who voted for him, you deserve him.
News of a Trump imminent victory is NOT going to make US or the World Economy great again!


Meanwhile in California we have good news.....unfortunately we aren't the entire US.
Kamala Harris breaks a color barrier with her U.S. Senate win


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