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Kim Novak on the red carpet at Old Mint Use your key for the next article Next: Kim Novak spoke before Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' with SF Symphony performing live June 15, 2012 9:48 AM MST Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google Plus Comment 'Girl With a Dream', Kim Novak 'Girl With a Dream', Kim Novak Old Mint: San Francisco Museum and Historical Society. View all 2 photos Well, she was here in San Francisco, briefly to meet the press yesterday, as the Giants lost to the Astros and the fans began massing downtown jamming up traffic. Kim Novak arrives in San Francisco Tommy Lau And then...she entered the Old Mint Building for a fundraising dinner for the Museum. Inside she was to receive the "San Francisco Cinematic Icon Award", an award apparently the first of its kind. An onstage interview inside the Old Mint with Kim Novak took place by Turner Movie Classics’ Ben Mankiewicz. The "San Francisco Cinematic Icon" award was given out by the fundraising enterprise Standing Ovations", which stood for the award, and one of the three fundraising dinners for the Museum since 2010. Last year their dinner honored Italian American Heritage, and the year before an event for “San Francisco Luminaries". The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society is displaying Kim Novak's artwork June 16-24 at the Old Mint. On her show at the mint entitled "Life is But a Dream, Novak says, “My style of painting is the result of striving for the marriage of impressionism and expressionism. I have always been influenced by life as it exists around me—touched by my past, the world of make believe—and concerned with what affects life today and how it might infect life tomorrow. Through the use of symbolism I have found a way to vent life’s frustrations and experience the freedom of self-expression. This is the ultimate reward that comes to the visual artist.” Highlighting Ms Novak's appearance yesterday, was a press release this week: "San Francisco Museum and Historical Society Presents 
Standing Ovations Honoring San Francisco and the Movies". A parallel show at the Old Mint celebrates movies and filmmakers that have put San Francisco on the map. See Kim Novak: San Francisco's Cinematic Icon.