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Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris
The evolution of the Notre Dame cathedral - renamed Notre Dame de Paris  by Bishop Maurice Sully in 1163. 

 From an exhibition inside the Notre Dame with miniature models of building process and evolution through today.

Before the Gothic cathedral - a multitude of churches -St Stephen from the Middle Ages, St Denis de Pas, St Christophe - all facing east like the Notre Dame (exhibition 2017 at Notre Dame).

Sinagoga, blindfolded by a snake, St. Anne portal, Western façade of the Notre Dame.

At the base of the Grand Port is a woman holding an open and closed book - the real Nôtre Dame built by alchemists. As you travel up the door , Christian symbols appear. On the ceiling where the spire fell on the transept are other symbols - I have been on the Tower Tour which is not officially sanctioned by the church with a statue of an alchemist, a pelican, and gargoyles.
© Moira Sulliva


The spire the descending saints and across peaking out is an alchemist flanked by grotesques. Two languages in stone. The Tower Tour of Notre Dame de Paris not sanctioned by the Catholic Church .

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